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Economies, Quirks & Foibles 2: Cars & Contours

By Hastings resident Albert Hall, Dec 2011

One’s style of driving is by far the most significant factor in saving fuel. The choice between high acceleration, maximum speed and heavy braking as opposed to a minimalist approach makes a huge difference, reducing not only fuel consumption, but engine, tyre and passenger wear, danger to others and lost no-claim discounts. A driver’s choice of a route can also make a significant difference.

Hill-climbing in a car is expensive. If this is not obvious, then find a very shallow slope and try, using only your own muscle-power to push your car uphill. If this exercise is all too energetic, then don’t expect your engine to do it without a lot of fuel. To save all that fuel, just don’t drive it up any hills – or if you must, then think carefully about your optimum route, by crossing as few geographic contours as possible.

EXAMPLE how might you travel from the B & Q store (B on maps) to the Bohemia Village Voice office (A on maps)? The most direct route (3.1 miles, upper picture) would take you, via Old London Road and Priory Road down to Alexandra Park, along Braybrooke Road, and so to Bohemia via Priory Avenue. But this route crosses the maximum number of contours (you go up or over more hills than necessary). The alternative route (4.8 miles, lower picture) presenting the least amount of hill climbing is along The Ridge to Harrow Lane, thence to Bohemia Road. Would this be a more fuel efficient route? I believe so and hope to demonstrate it. Watch this space.

Most Economical Route?

Most Economical Route?

Direct Route

Direct Route










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