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Economies, Quirks & Foibles 1: The Odour of Detergents

By Hastings resident Albert Hall, Aug 2011

SurcareTHIS HEADING anticipates a series. If so, then the economies might be eclectic but for this first trick I will start with ‘Detergents’ and play the ‘Odour of Detergents’.

Manufacturers euphemistically deem that their sythetic odour is a ‘fragrance’ and have foisted it on the public with astonishingly little opposition to it, or to the loss of that really exotic fragrance of sun-dried fabrics. When washing dishes, that odour is easily rinsed off, but failure to rinse and drain carefully can result in very strange flavours.

Laundering is much more problematic. The added odour cannot usually be rinsed out of fabrics and some brands are absurdly overpowering. Fabric softeners are as bad or worse in that they are always added to the rinse water.

Fragrance-free products have long been available from specialist eco-friendly stores at considerable expense, but the really good news is that a laundry powder claiming to be fragrance free (and almost is so) can now be found in some stores, branded as ‘Surcare’.

Also, our largest high street chemist now has its own-brand range of truly fragrance-free detergents, not unreasonably priced. Because they are promoted as ‘for sensitive skin’ (as opposed to ‘odour free’) they are displayed under ‘Skin Care’. The only missing product from this interesting range is a biological detergent. May those Boots keep on walking, and all in that direction!


Future topics promised by Albert include:

  • Water Use & Profligacy.
  • Meters & Rating Tariffs.
  • Waste Water & Loo Flushing.
  • Boilers & Hot-water Run-off.
  • Dishwashing Logistics.
  • Automatic Washing Machines (and how to use them manually).
  • Surfaces & Scent Marking.
  • Cars & Contours (getting from A to B by the most efficient route).



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