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No choice is given

Andrew Cartwright

Andrew Cartwright

Cllr Andrew Cartwright (pictured) has been following the Great Bin Debate closely and believes that residents are being given no choice. He says “In their ‘consultation’ document, the Council asks “Do you understand how communal bins can help keep your streets clean and would you support their introduction in your area ?” This is very different from what they promised to do in About. No choice is given between the current system and communal bins. Indeed, no choice is given at all. If you don’t like the Council’s proposal for communal bins you have to suggest your own system of refuse collection!”
Andrew says that his own view is that “Black sacks certainly make it more difficult for the Council to keep some of our streets clean. However, there are some streets where the black sacks are not a problem. Unfortunately, the Council has not given enough thought to the possibility of using small containers such as boxes, small rubber dustbins or even small wheelie bins. I have written to Council officers suggesting a scheme based on affordable secure containers which are not too big for residents to move and which could be easily stored. Unfortunately I haven’t yet received a reply.”
Is the Council using the threat of communal bins to force Bohemia residents to accept wheelie bins? Andrew said “I don’t think that they have any specific intention. The leadership of the Council is weak, and, as a result, there is no real control over Council policy. It is very hard to know who is promoting any particular agenda – is it Council Officers, Cabinet members or the Council’s contractors ? One thing is certain, residents’ views are not being taken seriously.”
See Andrew’s longer, detailed letter in ‘Letters’.

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