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What does the ‘OSCOR’ on communal bins actually stand for? Is it:

  • Our Smart Council’s Offensive Receptacle, or
  • Out-Sized Container for Our Rubbish, or
  • On Street Compound for Other people’s Refuse?

Can you think of a better name? £10 cash prize is offered by the Voice for the best effort. Closing date 1st Feb 2009.


In our January issue we challenged readers to come up with meanings for the acronym ‘OSCOR’ used on communal bins (right).

  • The Winner was Mr M Woodfine, of Silverstone Court who submitted the following entry “Our Stubborn Council Overrules Residents”. Mr Woodfine wins the £10 prize.
  • Runners up were Johanna Bevan of the West Hill, who suggested “Over-Stuffed Container Outrages Residents” and
  • Tom Burley from Warwickshire who gave us “One Simple Con On Residents”.  He also created his own Wikipedia-style entry: “OSCOR – a term of abuse. Definition: A shorthand used when One Simple Con On Residents is required to be perpetrated by those who assume they are absolutely untouchable and are able to claim the validity of their con after a consultation – in spite of  a survey finding precisely the opposite: that most residents do not want the implementation of the proposal”.

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