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Val waves goodbye

Waves hairdresser Val Easton - shop closing in April

Waves hairdresser Val Easton - shop closing in April

Increasing cost of utilities forces Waves to close.

Hairdresser Val Easton will be closing her salon, Waves, in Bohemia Road, on Saturday 5th April this year. Rising costs of running the business have forced Val to go, after running the salon for exactly twenty-seven years.
Primarily because Val runs the business on her own, it has become too difficult to continue now that electricity bills have gone up so much.
“Water bills have also gone up tremendously,” said Val, “Even though I’m on a meter and I’m as careful as I can be, the charges for the meter keep going up. The phone bill goes up every quarter, and there’s the business rates as well. I’m just sick of the struggle.”
It is ironic that the crippling increase in essential utility bills is driving Val out at this time. “I’m busier now than I’ve been in years, but I’m working my socks off just to pay my bills. The Post Office closing four or five years ago was the first nail in the coffin, but I survived that. The electricity bill was the final straw.”
Like other traders in Bohemia, Val also cited parking as a problem. “Just before Christmas they went bonkers with their double yellow lines, though that didn’t influence me as I had already made my decision in September when the electricity went up.”
It is with reluctance that Val has decided to close. “I love what I do. Everyone’s lovely. I hate leaving. It will be a wrench. I had hoped – planned – to stay until I was sixty-five.”
Val would like to thank all her customers, past and present, for their support.
The premises are rented, and at present there is no sign of a new lessee. It could be yet another empty shop in Bohemia. 

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