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In Short 57

Chapel Park Road
A young Chapel Park Road father popped into the Voice’s office in February to report syringes and condoms found repeatedly on the street outside his house near Ellenslea Road. He wanted to know to whom to report such things. We strongly recommended that he contact his street warden on 0800 085 4500 or Andy Hubbard, our street bobby, on 0845 60 70 999 (extension 21185). We also reported the matter to the wardens and were told that someone would collect the syringes in a ‘sharp box’ – a container specially made for collecting sharp objects such as needles.
Horntye Park cricket stars
It has just been announced that a Lashings World Team will be playing at Horntye Park on Thursday August 7th. There will be three teams playing that day from 10.30am in three 20-20 matches between the Lashings all star team and local clubs. The event is being promoted by Terry Avann of Rye. On the following Sunday, there will be a Celebrity Cricket Match.

It has come to our notice that a young woman,  in her early 20s and dressed only in bra and pants, has been making early morning calls on local shops. One trader, no doubt fearful for his establishment’s reputation, says ‘I told her to go home and dress more appropriately.’

England badminton champion coach Cathy Bargh announces the setting up of her Horntye Park Junior Badminton Academy. ‘The academy will be launched in September and will cater for school children from 7 to 14 years. It’ll be fun – but with hard training,’ says Cathy. Classes will be run on Wednesdays and/or Thursdays from 4 to 5pm. Details: 07931 284064.
Fred turns down $2million
Cornfield Terrace resident Fred Adams has been offered $2million dollars if he’ll help release a fortune currently languishing in a dormant Singapore bank account. What has Fred done to deserve this good luck? According to the letter he received in February, he shares the same last name – Adams – as the forgetful holder of the bulging account. A certain Mr Peter Wang is keen to give our Fred a 20% cut if he’ll help get the money out of the bank! But will Fred be taking up the ‘handsome reward’ offered, or does he think it’s a load of old Wang? “It’s an obvious scam,’ says Fred, ‘but I wonder how many other people have been sent similar letters?”
Roseanna & Brian’s
The specialist card shop was auctioned by Clive Emson at Brighton on 18th February. The single-storey premises in London Road was sold for £30,000. The property is a single storey shop of rendered construction under a corrugated roof. Roseanna and Brian are continuing to trade on the internet and cards may be ordered from their website:

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