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Horntye Park Development – Colin Thompson (letter)

Colin Thompson writes (Dec 2007)

Dear Sir,

Firefighters at Bohemia Road Fire Station are worried by the inference that the development of flats at Horntye Park will secure the future of their fire station.

I am also concerned that the project apparently includes a block of housing for firemen. I can advise that one meeting was held earlier in the year with Horntye Park so they could advise details of their development to ourselves as their neighbour before submitting a planning application. In addition we discussed the possibility of incorporating a section of our site which will shortly be surplus to our needs (our current engineers workshop).

They’ve made no contact with us since that meeting. With regard to firemen housing there was a preliminary discussion that the social housing element required by the planning authority could be directed towards firefighters, police officers and ambulance staff – all having premises near the site.

Finally we do not provide housing for whole-time firefighters in Hastings; also there was no suggestion that the future of either fire station was in doubt – certainly their future would not be affected by this development.

Colin Thompson, East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service.

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