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Christmas – Rev’d Mike Coe

The Rev Mike Coe writes (Dec 2007)

Dear Sir,

How far are you travelling this Christmas? Up the road?  Across town?  A few hours drive?  Overseas? Or are you staying at home because everything you need is there?  Travelling is an integral part of the Christmas story in the Bible.  Mary and Joseph travelled from Nazareth to take part in the empire-wide census. The shepherds sprinted in from the hills around Bethlehem to see if the angels were right. The Wise Men journeyed across a continent following the ultimate in satellite navigation!
Although their journeys had different beginnings and different paths, they all ended in the same place; kneeling in adoration and worship before the baby who was ‘Emmanuel’ – God with us. And as they did that, they knew that no longer was God distant and unknowable, because he had revealed himself to the world in human flesh. Now they could know for certain that God loved them, through the presence of Jesus Christ.

Christmas now means different things to people.  But at the heart of the Bible’s Christmas message is that there is hope for each of us, centred in Jesus. A hope that we, too, can know God in our lives. Not just for the Christmas season, but throughout the whole year and into the future. Why not take the opportunity this Christmas to hear about this hope, by attending one of the special Christmas service organised by the local churches. You should find a warm welcome, an opportunity to sing favourite carols and hear familiar Bible readings, probably a chance to eat a mince pie or two!  And when you do go, put yourself in the shoes, or sandals, of those people in the first Christmas story.  They may not have known where they were going, but when they met with Jesus they knew when they had arrived.  And their lives were changed forever, just like ours can be. Have a very Happy Christmas.

Revd Mike Coe, St. Matthews, Silverhill.

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