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Locksmiths forced out

Locksmiths moving to ridge

Locksmiths moving to ridge

Hastings Locksmiths will be leaving Bohemia for Ivyhouse Lane next spring, due to parking problems for customers at their present premises. Owner, Ian Burt said, “They’ve put more double yellow lines by the pub round the corner (North Star) and parking for six cars has been lost – a few customers try to park outside the shop and just dash in to buy a lock and they get nabbed by the traffic wardens. It’s just ridiculous.” “Fortunately we get a lot of contract work for housing associations and so on – if we just had to depend on customers coming here we could not survive.” Hastings Locksmiths has been in Bohemia Road since 1988, initially at the premises which are now the Voice offices. Ian continued, “I think Bohemia will just go down to a ghost town eventually. We generate spin-off for other shops; customers will shop here and just pop into the Cake Box for a cake, or the Co-op for a pint of milk.” Cllr Andrew Cartwright said, “I fully sympathise with him and other traders, and would like to see Hastings Council do a study to see if they could improve things, but the main road makes this extremely difficult.”

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