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Bohemia Beat – by W.P.C. Bayliss BB79

Bohemia magazine, June 1986

Bohemia magazine, June 1986

I have now been the Area Beat Constable for Bohemia and Silverhill for the last ten months, and I can say with hand on heart that I have enjoyed my work – or the greater part of it. Being an Area Constable involves understanding the problems and the needs peculiar to that area.

Bohemia does have problems, the most important possibly being parking at peak hours in Bohemia Road itself. No-one knows the valuable minutes lost by the Fire Brigade, Ambulance and Police as they are held up in the daily traffic jam in Bohemia Road. Usually this hold-up is caused by one parked vehicle whose driver is seemingly unaware of the parking regulations and cannot be found. Bohemia Road is the main route out of town for the emergency services – so please try to remember that you cannot park to load or unload from 8.30am to 9.30am and 4.45pm to 6.00pm.

I have also received complaints about the parking of vehicles in Horntye Road when the school finishes at St Paul’s. A more sensible approach by parents when they pick up their children would ease the congestion and danger to our younger pedestrians. I will, however, be keeping an eye on the situation.

During March and April quite a few vehicles were taken from the area around Salisbury Road. Leaflets were left on vehicles in that area warning the owners to take more care when securing their cars. All the vehicles stolen were later found abandoned and returned to their owners, and although the spate seems to have died down, I would still remind car owners to be vigilant. I’m glad to see that this area is forming a Neighbourhood Watch, which should help to cut the number of crimes in Bohemia. To be really successful the scheme does need 100% committment and I hope to see stickers appearing in all your windows. I understand from your contact co-ordinator, Bert Northwood, that volunteers are still required. If you have even a little time to spare, please help to fight crime.

I have been aware over the last few months that some shopkeepers have been placing boards, signs and goods for sale on the public pavement; this constitutes an ‘Obstruction’ and is an offence. I have advised shopkeepers of their liabilities regarding possible Police prosecution and civil damages. If any resident feels that these articles are an obstruction to them then please would they contact me at the Police Station.

Lastly, on a final note, if anyone needs advice or help on non-urgent matters then please ring me on Hastings 425000 and I will be pleased to deal with any queries for you 

[From Bohemia June 1986, edited by Bert Northwood, journal of the Bohemia Area Residents’ Association. Kindly loaned by Vic Watson]. Next month: “Personalities” by Bert Northwood, from the same issue.

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