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Richard off to Uganda

Richard Smart off to Africa

Richard Smart off to Africa

Local accountant Richard Smart is devoting his skills to fighting poverty in Uganda, and has just ret-urned from a two-month trip during which he has been educating the Africans in finance management and budgeting.  Richard told the Voice that he has been doing this for several years now, and is looking forward to going out again in the New Year. 

He said, “We see a lot of poverty in Africa and many people give generously to the Africans, but what the Africans need is to become self-reliant by being able to earn their own money.   In order to do this they need to be educated in the area of finance management, and one has to look at ways of investing in Uganda to be able to create businesses that are profitable and self-sustaining, so that people can enjoy regular employment and look forward to a healthier future.”
He added, “I thought it might be good for the local area to know how our skills and talents are being used in the developing world.   I believe we, in Bohemia, have a lot of talents and a lot to offer.”

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