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If you phone WBM Insurance you’ll get through to a real live human being straight away! “People want someone to speak to and discuss their business with, not listen to an automated voice giving a long menu of dial 1, dial 2 and so on,” says George Ware. He and Steve Mann, the two directors of this flourishing business are finding their customer base expanding rapidly, and George thinks that they may soon have to acquire larger premises. He cites the human touch as one of the reasons for the expansion (“with most other insurance companies you have to work through an automated menu”), also personal recommendation, and the very professional and experienced service offered by WBM. It is the commercial business side which is particularly growing, but WBM has a wide range of clientele, coming from an area which extends as far as London. Established in 1968, the company will be celebrating their 40th anniversary next year.   They started business in Tower Road, and moved to their present premises in Bohemia Road eight years ago.   WBM cover all classes and types of insurance, though their particular speciality is in the commercial field. There are eight staff altogether, including two qualified chartered insurance practitioners with considerable experience.   “There are very few other companies with staff with these qualifications and experience” says George and, indeed, it is an impressive list.

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