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Barries inspirational designs …

5-tile set depicting reed scene

5-tile set depicting reed scene

Walking round Barrie Pitman’s tile shop is an eye-opener. Anyone with the slightest interest in art and design cannot fail to be impressed (and inspired) with the creative range of tiles on display. From a jolly farmyard scene or a tranquil marsh-bird landscape to a dreamy, languorous art nouveau maiden, there is something to interest everyone. Each special tile repays study to savour the exquisite details of design. Barrie established Tile Design in 1982, his first premises being in Queens Road.   He has been at his current premises at 2 Upper Park Road for fifteen years.   The buildings were originally the ‘manufactory’ of Hemmings’ St. Leonards Mineral Waters (see panel, below). Barrie’s tiles come from all over the world, and are made from a wide range of materials, for example natural stone, ceramics, porcelain and glass.  “The present fashion is for earth colours,” he says. He can give customers the benefit of his expert design service if required, and also offers a tile-fixing service.

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