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St Matthews Gardens Fun (for all the family) Day

St Matthews private gardens used for open air fun day.

St Matthews private gardens used for open air fun day.

“There are only two private gardens in Hastings: Markwick Gardens and St Matthews”, says St Matthew’s Residents Association member Mike Coe. “It’s very well used. Anyone within a half-kilometre of the gardens can join. The fees are £25 for a family, plus £10 for a dog, or £5 for a senior citizen.” The fun day has been held more or less every year for some years. The next event at the gardens is the Bonfire Night which will be held on the Sunday nearest 5th November which will be open to anyone. Being privately owned means that they have to be maintained by the members, not the Council. The numerous trees are trim-med by professional gardeners and the grass is cut on a rota by members. The Association was formed to keep the Gardens in a well-maintained and att-ractive condition. Chair is Gaby Hill, 23 St Matthew’s Gardens, 434653.

Mike Doswell, of Sedlescombe Road South, showed off his little miniature fairground organ (‘It’s not a hurdy-gurdy’) which played all afternoon at the Fun Day. The organ uses cardboard books, made at Basingstoke and which cost Mike £12 – £20 each. “It’s important that the arrangement is done well, as the organ only has 14 notes”, says Mike.  He’s keen to play at next year’s Bohemia Village Fayre – without charge! Organ grinder and collector Mike owns at least a dozen (toy) monkeys – the one with him hung lifeless on a side hook. He’s also got five street organs – and ten house organs.


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