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St Paul’s Road
Well, we did ask. And what a lot the good folk of St Paul’s Road had to say for themselves on everything from architecture and parking to youths and local shopping. The overwhelming impression was that at last someone is listening to what people actually think about living in Bohemia. Condensed results of our survey are on pages 4, 5 and 6. Copies of the full report have been sent to our local councillors and to the Bohemia Area Assn.
Red phone box
A village should have a red phone box. Or should it? They cost about £2,000 each. Does Bohemia want or need one? How do we get BT to adopt it? Would they be vandalised? Are they easy to clean? Does anyone use them any more – haven’t we all got mobiles? Just in case we really do want one, the Voice has procured a red phone money box – and there’s already £2 in it. Only £1,998 to go.
There’s no shortage of local A5 newsmags these days. But by far the best value for advertisers is the Voice – now reaching 6,000 homes in and around Bohemia.
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