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Nature Notes

This weekend my local robin had an autumnal note in his voice, I fancied, for the first time this season.   Two days later there was a downpour,and after it cleared, a general feeling that some subtle point had passed, and that we would not have any more of the long hot days of summer, not until next year.   Long hot days of summer?   Well, we’ve had a few, in between the rain.   Alexandra Park is looking remarkably green for this time of year; more like late May than late August.   Water levels in the Swannery are high, almost submerging the fallen tree where the cormorant family use to perch, and where one day I saw the giant terrapin sunning himself in the early morning.   Giant terrapin?   Yes, it’s surprising what there is to be seen in the Park by those who keep their eyes open.   A giant terrapin, a water vole, herons, even, I am told by several reliable witnesses, a pair of kingfishers.   This column will keep you posted, though the privacy of these creatures will be respected, and the exact addresses of their residences not divulged. 

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