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Masood Iqbal

Masood Iqba

Masood off?
Masood Iqbal, owner of the yet to opened Bohemia Foodmarket, may be off to the States. He told the Voice ‘I’ve just returned from Texas visiting business friends and family – everything is so big there – it makes my mini-market look like a cupboard. In the US, everything is possible – people encourage you to get on. In Bohemia, people just want to drag you down. It’s so depressing. They don’t want to see anyone being successful. All the work on the shop is finished but I really don’t know if I’ll now go ahead with the supermarket – I’m seriously thinking of going to the States to start up in business there – I’ve already got my visa.’ Mr Iqbal who was ill earlier in the year and who suffered a brain haemorrage two years ago now says ‘I feel much better after my holiday in the US.’


Vic Chalcraft writes (Oct 2007)

Dear Sir, I take strong objection to Masood’s remarks though they do not surprise me. The people of Bohemia welcome enterprises that enhance the area and provide essential needs and we definitely didn’t want another alcohol outlet. Even his convenience store would have been surplus seeing as we have one (to which he sold his premises when he ran a business in Bohemia) within 50 yards of his proposed new shop. Like the take-aways flooding Bohemia you can have too much of a good thing. Vic Chalcraft,  Aldborough Road.



Netball & Karate
Calling all young people interested in netball, karate, and kickboxing – two brand new clubs start at Horntye Park this month. The Hastings Jun-ior Netball Club meets for the first time on Monday 10th September, 4-5 pm for 5-7 year olds, and 5-6 pm for 8-10 years.   Contact Denise Simms on 07752 391412. Karate & Kickboxing (SAMA) starts Saturday 15th September 10-11 am. Contact Leo Gibson on 01273 588850.



Frydays in Bohemia Road is now under new management.   The new owners are Brett Cummings and Joanne Greenslade.   Brett has completed a course with the National Fish Fryers’ Association.   Opening hours remain the same:   Tuesdays – Saturdays 4.30 – 9.30 pm for traditional fish & chips plus fast food takeaway.


Laura Ripley
Our local girl with the big weight problem is looking forward to having a by-pass operation to help her really lose some pounds. She’s already lost 6stone 11lb and must lose another 3st 12 before she can have the op. She has complete confidence in her Australian surgeon who tells her ‘No worries mate.’ She could be under the knife within three months. In the meantime Hastings Lions has provided funds for a ‘Meeting Café’ at Freedom Leisure.


Southwater Area
Gemma Bailey of the Southwater Area Resi-dents’  Association writes that they ‘are experiencing really bad problems especially at weekends bet-ween 11pm and 3am’. They are campaigning for CCTV and want to do a crime/anti-social survey.  ‘We don’t want our area to become a NO GO ZONE.’

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