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BAA June meeting

The following abridged report was held over from last month due to lack of space. Apologies to the BAA.
Conservation Area? The Chairperson wondered whether in this age of Architectural Anonymity Conservation Area status would help reverse or at least slow the seemingly remorseless progress of the anodyne. Cllr Cartwright agreed to look into it.
Hanging baskets. Regret was expressed that our hanging baskets, albeit with only plastic flowers had been removed. A letter of complaint will be sent to HBC.
Notice board. Terry Foord has kindly provided the BAA with its own notice board. Sylvia Bennett offered the BAA space on the G & CSL notice board to be erected in St Peter’s Churchyard.
Courses. Sylvia Bennett announced details of courses available to members: ‘Volunteering in the Community’ and ‘Mental Health & First Aid’.
Bohemia Road. It was agreed that Peter Meads of HBC be invited to help fund improvements to the visual impact of this main road.
Peter Holland, Chairperson

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