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Snowy Owl Hedwig

Jackies 6 week old Hedwig

Jackies 6 week old Hedwig

Jackie Cullen’s done it again – she’s acquired another owl, despite promising only last month that she wouldn’t be buying any more. ‘They usually cost £1,000 and this was an offer I couldn’t refuse,’ she said.  Jackie took possession of the 5-week old ‘Hedwig’ at the beginning of August. ‘Snowy owls make really bad pets – they can’t be kept in a cage – like Harry Potter’s  – they’re enormous when fully grown – over 2 feet tall and a 5 foot wingspan – nearly as big as a European eagle owl – they  live on large rodents in the wild – large rats, squirrels, even new born lambs.’ Jackie is a resident of Bohemia – but maybe not for much longer as she’s still looking for a new nest of her own – which might mean moving out of the area – taking Hedwig too.

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