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Voice one year old
Congratulations to us on our first birthday! Bohemia Village Voice was first published in May 2006, carried only one story and was received by just seven e-mail subscribers. One year and 45 editions later, 362 stories have been written, with 247 pictures and 60 letters. Today, 5,000 copies of the Voice are printed and distributed in and around Bohemia. Well done us!
Poison pen
In early April the Voice received an unsigned letter accusing a Bohemia resident of criminal behaviour. The tone of the letter suggested that if we did not either publish it or act on the information it contained we would be letting down the community we purported to serve. In the event we have decided neither to publish the letter, nor to follow up the ‘story’, nor to pass it on to the police.  It was decided to destroy the letter.
 If any member of the public has information about criminal activity going on, they should report it to the police. Obviously, in order to do that they would no longer be able to hide behind the cloak of anonymity. If the person who wrote has real evidence and is not merely intent on libel, then we are certain that Hastings Police would be  happy to follow it up.
The editor

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