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New takeaway gets over planning hurdle just

Planning permission has been narrowly approved for a new takeaway at 69 Bohemia Road, the site of the old post office. The permission is subject to a stringent set of conditions relating to adequate ventilation and a proper regime for the removal of rubbish. In support of its decision, Hastings Borough Council’s planning board report states, ‘The ground floor retail area has been vacant for approximately a year. The application proposes to bring the premises back into commercial use. It is considered that the proposal will have a positive impact on the vitality and viability of the Bohemia Road Core Shopping Area’.
The board’s decision was not unanimous, however, as local councillor Vivienne Bond explained to the Voice. ‘Four members of the board voted against this proposal, including me. It’s potentially dangerous for a start. I’m worried that people using the takeaway will try to park right by the crossing. In any case, we don’t need a takeaway. we need retail shops open in the daytime. I’d rather it was empty.’

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