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At the December committee meeting of the Bohemia Area Association, the fixed agenda item [Bohemia Road] provoked a wide ranging discussion. Following an illustrated presentation by chairperson Peter Holland, all the members agreed that the proposal for a gyratory road system in Bohemia would bring many benefits under the three principal headings of: 1) parking for residents, 2) retail, and 3) safety.   As foreseen in the presentation, the discussion quickly moved to the ‘How?’ – the merits of the scheme itself were unquestioned. As it would require a massive public relations effort – lobbying, petitioning and other campaigning activities – the issue centred on whether the BAA had sufficient resources for such a campaign. Ultimately it was admitted that the answer has to be ‘No’. However, rather than let the idea disappear completely, it was decided that a last effort be made via the BAA News – a tear-off slip will be included asking for people to ‘actively participate’ in the campaigning process. The slip is to be returned to either Munday’s or Wood’s newsagents and the chairperson’s phone number will be included. The word ‘actively’ will be emphasised.
  Earlier in the meeting the Bohemia Bygones exhibition sub-committee was re-visited and the Methodist Church representative on the committee would be asked to take a lead role.
  The Walkways & Alleyways sub-committee filed a nil report. The Parking & Upper Park Road sub-committee submitted full reports containing details of correspondence with Hastings Borough Council, a meeting with the Co-op area manager and a meeting with the Area Traffic Manager. The implications of the new bus-stop were outlined. The Co-op will need to be re-contacted as there is some confusion regarding unloading the lorries and the road camber. Cllr Vivienne Bond sent a message that two redundant disabled parking bays in Salisbury Road would be de-commissioned and that the Multi-Agency Task Team had been asked to advise on developments in the south of Bohemia.
Peter Holland,
Chairperson, BAA.

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