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Chain takes over chemists

Vantage Pharmacy.

Vantage Pharmacy.

Our local chemists has been sold – to a chemists chain from Folkestone. “It happened on Friday 1st December,” said resident pharmacist, Stan Steadman, “I’m a bit cross with the previous owners for keeping us in the dark until the very last minute. I suppose they didn’t want to jeopardise the sale. We all met the new owners on Friday, and they’re very nice people – the owner himself [Dennis Pay] came in on Friday and reassured all the staff. The new company is Payden – they already own Warrior Square Pharmacy. Everything’s hunky dory now.” Why did the previous owner [Ian Heath from Brighton] sell? “He sold out in order to have time to study medicine.” Will there be any changes? “No, none of our customers need worry, all the staff and services will be kept the same, they want me to continue as pharmacist. I expect that changing over the computer system will cause the odd hiccup.”
“ Paydens Limited was established in 1969 and has expanded over the years and today has about 80 pharmacies across the south-east of England. The superintendent pharmacist and business owner is Mr Dennis Pay. Paydens is a member of the National Pharmaceutical Association

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