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Puzzle Corner – Puzzle 43

This week’s puzzle – £10 prize

The task this week is to match six house names with the six roads they’re in. The house names are 1) Captain’s Cottage, 2) Shirley House, 3) Lautrec, 4) Hell’s Corner, 5)Mallards and 6) Dennison. The streets are: a) Upper Park Road, b) Newgate Road, c) Horntye Road, d) Cloudesley Road, e) London Road, and f) Clarence Road.  If you don’t know all six, put down as many as you can. Please ensure entries reach Bohemia Village Voice at 79, Bohemia Road by Tuesday 12th December. The first correct solution  opened on that day wins a £10 token, kindly donated by Empress Art of Tower Road.

Answer here.

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