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Gensing crime figures

How do Gensing crime figures compare to the rest of Hastings & St Leonards? From the beginning of October, up to November 27th, Bohemia Village Voice has been monitoring the crimes reported by Neighbourhood Watch by e-mail. During this period 215 crimes were reported from the borough’s sixteen wards of which just 13 were from Gensing ward, which includes Bohemia. And of these 13, only one was definitely committed in Bohemia, five were outside Bohemia and for seven, it was impossible to say from the data supplied. The breakdown by ward of the 215 crimes reported Oct 2 – Nov 27 is:
Ashdown  7.
Baird 11.
Braybrooke 14.
Castle  32.
Central St Leonards  38.
Conquest  3.
Gensing*  13.
Hollington  14.
Maze Hill  13.
Old Hastings  14.
Ore  9.
Silverhill:  10.
St Helens  14.
Tressell  8.
West St Leonards  10.
Wishing Tree  5.
   *includes Bohemia

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