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Dee Jones’ 1986 Street Party

Street Party Clarence Road 1986

Dee Jones street party in July 1986. Were you one of the 78 people outside the North Star pub? Let us know using the numbered key.

Clarence Road Street Party 1986 - key

Use this numbered key to let us know if you or a friend were at the street party in July 1986.

Newgate Road resident, Dee Jones, has kindly submitted a photograph of a street party she organised in July 1986. “It was taken outside the North Star with all the residents in the area. I wonder if anyone can recognise himself or herself,” says Dee.

If you can spot yourself in this picture, do please get in touch and we’ll try to publish as many names as possible.


Brian Hughes writes (Apr 2007) Dear Sir, I remember very well the street party you covered in Village Voice [no. 43, 2nd Dec 2006]. My late wife Barbara and I had moved into our house on 2nd April 1986, then the following August there was this street party. It was organised by Dee Jones, (no. 56 in the photo). People with flags brought them along, though the occasion was not a royal wedding or anything like that. I think it was just a street party for its own sake. I’m no. 39 in the photo and Barbara is no. 71. She would have been very interested to see it. Brian Hughes, Aldborough Road.

Catherine Cattaway writes (Apr 2007) Dear Sir, I can identify two of the people in your street party photo [issue 43, 2nd Dec 2006]. No. 65 is me, Catherine Cattaway, and number 66 is my friend Lucy Hicks. My dad, John Cattaway, used to own the chemist’s in Bohemia Road. Catherine Cattaway, Buchanan Gardens.

Dee Jones writes (Dec 2006) Dear Sir, names to faces: 41 – Bob Ivy (decd). 42 – Tom Bell. 47 – Minn (local saxophone player). 56 – IS ME!Thank you for publishing, lots of local people interested. Dee Jones, Newgate Road.

Sally Hick writes (Dec 2006) Dear Sir, my son Sam is the boy in the front next to Dee (no 54) and my daughter Emily is no. 53 standing behind him.  I was there somewhere at the back but I cant be seen. I remember it was a lovely hot day and there were all sorts of things going on down the middle of Aldborough Road. Sam is now a very tall 24-year old who can lift freezers in the course of his work, and Emily is married with two boys of her own. Sally Hick, 5, Aldborough Road.

Anon writes (Dec 2006) Dear Sir, number 77 is Lance Barrett, nickname ‘Spadger’, who died in 1990, and number 78 is Vera Barrett, part-time barmaid at that time, now living in Warrior Square. [Unsigned note received 7 Dec.]

Derek Walsgrove writes (Dec 2006) Dear Sir, regarding Dee’s street party article and photo, which appeared in issue No 43 of the Bohemia Village Voice.  I am able to identify some people in the photo. 74: my wife, Maureen Walsgrove. 75:  Myself, Derek Walsgrove. 58: our daughter Lisa Walsgrove age 5. 76: our son Harry Walsgrove aged two and a half. All of 18 Newgate Road. 44:  Helen Wilkinson (my sister visiting the area). It was a most enjoyable day. Incidentally, Harry is now a bus driver and works with Tim Edwards, who I think drove the “Round the town” open top bus on that day. Derek Walsgrove, 18 Newgate Rd.

Peter Garnett writes (Feb 2007) Dear Sir, Re: 1986 photo [issue 43, 2nd December 2006]. 1. Peter Garnett. 4. Tim (bus driver). 28. Rod Welfare. 30. Karina Garnett (daughter). 31. Gill Welfare (Rod’s wife). 32. Collette Campbell (Karina’s friend). 35. Linda Welfare (Rod’s daughter). 37. Len  from Aldborough Road. 40. Peter Alexander. 41. Bob Ivy. 42. Tom Huston. 43. Pete Homewood. 45. John Stevens (landlord of the North Star pub). 47. Min. 48. Ross Garnett (Peter’s son). 50. Brenda Garnett. 51. Martin Stevens (John’s son). 56. Dee Jones. 67. Sandra Hurrell (Karina’s friend). 73. Chrissie Stevens (landlady of the North Star). Spadge Barrett. 78. Vera Barrett. Peter Garnett, Bohemia Road.

No. Person Identified by
1 Peter Garnett Peter Garnett
4 Tim (bus driver) Peter Garnett
28 Rod Welfare Peter Garnett
30 Karina Garnett, daughter of Peter Garnett Peter Garnett
31 Gill Welfare, wife of Rod Welfare Peter Garnett
32 Collette Campbell, friend of Karina Garnett Peter Garnett
35 Linda Welfare, daughter of Rod Welfare Peter Garnett
37 Len (Aldborough Road) Peter Garnett
39 Brian Hughes, husband of Barbara Hughes Brian Hughes
40 Peter Alexander Peter Garnett
41 Bob Ivy Dee Jones
42 Tom Bell / Tom Huston Dee Jones / Peter Garnett
43 Peter Homewood Peter Garnett
44 Helen Wilkinson, sister of Derek Walsgrove Derek Walsgrove
45 John Stevens, landlord of North Star Pub Peter Garnett
47 Minn (local saxophone player) Dee Jones
48 Ross Garnett, son of Peter Garnett Peter Garnett
50 Brenda Garnett Peter Garnett
51 Martin Stevens, son of John Stevens Peter Garnett
53 Emily Hick, daughter of Sally Hick Sally Hick
54 Sam Hick, son of Sally Hick Sally Hick
56 Dee Jones, organiser of the street party Dee Jones
58 Lisa Walsgrove, aged 5, daughter of Maureen and Derek Walsgrove Derek Walsgrove
65 Catherine Cattaway Catherine Cattaway
66 Lucy Hicks, friend of Catherine Cattaway Catherine Cattaway
67 Sandra Hurrell, friend of Karina Garnett Peter Garnett
71 Barbara Hughes, wife of Brian Hughes Brian Hughes
73 Chrissie Stevens, landlady of the North Star pub Peter Garnett
74 Maureen Walsgrove, wife of Derek Derek Walsgrove
75 Derek Walsgrove Derek Walsgrove
76 Harry Walsgrove, aged 2 son of Maureen & Derek Walsgrove Derek Walsgrove
77 Lance Barrett (‘Spadger’) died 1990 Anon
78 Vera Barrett, part-time barmaid at the time Anon

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