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Picture Puzzle 41 – answer

Appliance Master frontage, kindly displaced by the Germans in WWII.

Appliance Master frontage, kindly displaced by the Germans in WWII.

The question posed in the last issue was ‘What is the connexion between a) Germany’s Adolf Hitler and b) the small apron in front of  Appliance Master, in Bohemia Road, used for displaying new and reconditioned washing machines?’ The answer is that Mr Hitler kindly demolished the front of this shop during World War II. The original frontage was in line with the other shops in the block, but when it was rebuilt, it was decided to leave the space for display.  No correct solutions were received, so the  prize will be carried forward to this week.


Vic Chalcraft writes (Dec 2006)

Dear Sir, your latest edition has raised quite a question: when or what was the war damage to the shop at Appliance Master [no. 74] in Bohemia. I was away during the war, but could not understand why  a shop should get so limited damage and nothing else around marked. I made some enquiries of long-standing residents, most in their eighties, and also to a gentleman who owned the shop opposite during the war and he can recall nothing of such an event. Vic Chalcraft, Aldborough Road, Bohemia.

Can anyone else throw any light on this interesting subject? Ed. 

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