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SUSSEX DAY. A notification from the Association of British Counties says “After much consultation, Sussex Day has been fixed as the 16th June, feast day of St Richard, thirteenth century Bishop of Chichester and patron saint of Sussex. Moves are now afoot to create events which will mark the day as a special celebration for all South Saxons.” Did you know that, providing only that you use a postcode,  it’s perfectly acceptable by Royal Mail to use ‘Sussex’ as the name of our county, rather than ‘East Sussex’? ‘East Sussex’ was created purely for administrative purposes and does not have to be used in correspondence. Further info, including a map of the UK showing all the historic counties is available:
HASTINGS CYCLES. The building housing Hastings Cycles at the corner of Newgate and Bohemia Roads, has been sold – subject to exchange of contracts, reports cycle shop owner Nick Alff. He says he hopes to stay on for at least another year, possibly longer, before the new owner, Mr Conway, who intends to sell televisions and carry out repairs, takes over the retail premises. “If I have to leave after a year, I’ll probably operate the business from home and online,” said Nick. “Mr Conway offered me a seven-year or a one-year lease. I decided to go for the one-year option. I think I’ll be able to stay on after that if I want.”
NO FIREWORKS? Why didn’t Wood’s Newsagents stock any fireworks this year? “I wasn’t prepared to pay the £50 demanded by the insurance company.” said owner Dorothy. “You have to buy a whole year’s cover just for the few weeks leading up to Nov 5th. It isn’t worth it. I didn’t stock any last year either – for the same reason.”

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