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Shornden Passage – a Bohemia twitten is named.

Now official - Shornden Passage.

Now official – Shornden Passage.

Written by John Humphries (Nov 2006)

A Bohemia twitten has been named. It’s taken 100 years for Shornden Passage, which runs between Upper Park Road and Upper South Road to officially acquire its name.

Ron Salt of Top Gun Clothing which is situated in the walkway, said “We have now agreed that the passage is officially known as Shornden Passage and that the Highways and Postal Authorities have confirmed it.”

The Bohemia Area Association is currently soliciting local public opinion about names for other passageways: suggestion boxes are in place at Wood’s and Munday’s newsagents into which residents can gives their ideas for names. Maps showing the alleyways are also on display.

Suggestions so far include ‘Chalcraft Walk’ for the path from eastern end of Aldborough Road to Newgate Road, and ‘North Star Passage’ or ‘Newgate Passage’ for the path running from the North Star pub to Newgate Road.

Cllr Vivienne Bond has suggested that once a collection of proposed names has been gathered, articles in the local newsletters be run including the suggestions and appealing for further ideas.

Vic Chalcraft writes (Dec 2006) Dear Sir, what is this about Shornden Passage taking a hundred years to be recognised? [issue 42 ‘Twitten named’]. I knew it was named years ago and it is recorded in Kelly’s Directory for 1950, and I suspect prior to that. Vic Chalcraft, Aldborough Road.

Edward Preston writes (Feb 2007) Dear Sir, Vic Chalcraft is right about Shornden Passage [issue 44, 16th December 2006]. I was going to write but Vic beat me. It was listed many decades before. I’m not happy about inventing names; but the existing named twittens should be revived. Edward Preston, Bohemia Road.

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