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Plans in the pipeline

The following applications have been received recently by Hastings Borough Council’s Planning Dept. All affect properties in Bohemia, and all are for full planning permission. (Reg = registration date; con = date public consultation is due to end).
Woodland Vale Road, 21. The proposal is for the addition of a new dormer window to the annexe building at flat 11. (Reg. 6 Nov, con. 27 Nov.) The applicant is Mr I Sidhu of Hounslow in Middlesex.
St Peter’s Road, 38. The proposal is for change of use from three storey maisonette and top floor flat to two self-contained 2-storey maisonettes. The applicants are Mr Henry Baines and Mrs Anne Baines of St Peter’s Road. (Reg. 31 Oct. con. 21 Nov. )
London Road, 233. The application is for conversion of the first, second and third floors into three one-bedroomed self-contained flats, and to form an additional front door at the front. The applicant is the Co-op Group (CWS) Ltd. (Reg. 27 Oct, con. 17 Nov).
Woodland Vale Road, 21. The proposal is change of use from an old boiler room into a self-contained flat including extension. The applicant is Mr I Sidhu. (Reg 19 Oct, con. 9 Nov)
Chapel Park Road, 32-36. The proposal is for the replacing of the existing buildings by a nursing home. The applicant is Mr Philip Matthews of Goldcap Properties,   Rickmans-worth. (Reg. 25 Sep, con. 16 Oct)

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