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Bohemia Association meeting

Beverly Winchester.

Beverly Winchester.

The Bohemia Area Association held its November meeting at the YMCA at the beginning of the month. Although an ‘open’ meeting, only two members of the public attended.

Beverly Winchester (pictured) attended from the Gensing & Central St Leonards Forum (GCSLF). She explained that her 20-hours a week job is to ‘build capacity for the Forum’. “That is, my task is to try to get more residents to attend meetings of and take more interest in the GCSLF.” She spoke a little about the St Leonards Festival and confirmed that next year it will be held on 14th July.  Beverly has only been in her new job for six weeks.
Street cleaning was discussed. Chairman, Peter Holland said he’d been asked by an Australian visitor “Don’t they clean your streets anymore?” It was asked if the BAA could see a copy of cleaning company Veolia’s service contract and whether it contained provision for penalties to be paid by them.
Parking bays for the disabled. A lady  from Salisbury Road queried the number of these which are not in use. She said that the bay reserved for number 47 Salisbury Road had recently become redundant as the resident had moved, and the one outside number 42 had not been used for two years. She had complained to Hastings Borough Council at Menzies Road and that ‘Lorraine’ had written to her explaining that anyone may park in a disabled bay, providing there is no post with a disabled notice! Cllr Vivienne Bond said she will find out if the unused disabled bays can be removed.
Junction Protection. It was reported that ‘Junction Protection’ is being planned for the area where Upper South Road joins Clarence Road. But what exactly is ‘junction protection’?
St Paul’s School. Is St Paul’s to become a community school? It was reported that the school may change its hours of opening next year as a consequence of conditions imposed upon newly designated ‘community schools’. Will St Paul’s become such a school? Will it have morning clubs and after school clubs as a result of these measures?
Children playing out late. The lady from Salisbury Road said that there are children playing in her street from early morning till late at night. She has had three windows broken. “What can be done?” she asked. Cllr Bond promised to contact the ‘MATT Team. [MATT = Multi-Agency Tasking Team].
Also attending the meeting were secretary Jeanette Holland, vice chair Andy Holmes,  Vic Chalcraft, Iris Millar, Rosemary Iddenden, Eileen Fermor, Terry Foord, John L Humphries, councillor Trevor Webb. Jennifer Kelynack represented Cllr Daniel Poulter and a gentleman, ‘Dave’,  from North Road.

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