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Respond – a Young People’s Showcase

J C McFee writes (Nov 2006)

Hello, My name is JC McFee, I am the co-ordinator of Respond, a young people’s showcase. Did you know about all the Bohemia talent drawing in people from the whole of Hastings? The young people involved in Respond have devoted a lot of their own precious leisure time to helping other young people. We are very grateful to Father Alex Brown who allows us the use of St Peter’s Hall for rehearsals. Respond is about young people being given opportunities within the creative, media and arts fields for the benefit of the whole community, by keeping the talent in Hastings rather than letting it leave or waste away into drink and drugs. In October, Respond artists have been performing at the Sussex Hall at the White Rock Theatre and at the De La Warr Theatre, in Bexhill. Anyone interested in finding out more about Respond can look at the following websites:

Some of the young people involved with Respond are Rebecca Yousseffi, Irene Bakundkize, Jake Heaton, Lee Swift, Craig Bannister, Brook, Martin Boxall, Lewis McFee, Adam Williams, Lee James, Lauren McFee, Alex Williams, Lol Gallagher and Kasey Ellis.

JC McFee, St Peter’s Road.

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