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Parking ticket office is totally unreasonable

Reason seemed to go out of the window when Bookman’s Halt received a delivery of books earlier this year. Clive Linklater, owner of the bookshop recounts the story. “A chap pulled up outside my shop in Bohemia Road and unloaded a box of books. He’s a regular supplier and drives over from East Grinstead. In the time it took him to bring the box into the shop, he’d got a parking ticket. We both rushed out and tried to reason with the warden. He told us to send in an appeal, which we did. It was rejected because there was no delivery note. So we typed out one and I signed it. The ticket office then rejected this second appeal on the grounds … wait for it … that the delivery note was printed on the wrong sort of paper. The guy from East Grinstead hasn’t been back.”

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