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Is Bohemia a Village?

Vic Chalcraft writes (Oct 2006). As a person living in Bohemia for many years, I must put my objection to the use of the word ‘Village’ both in the heading of the newsletter and also in your address. To my knowledge, Bohemia was never known as the ‘village’, except by two people. One was Mr Aymoore who lived at Kenrith and who would ask his gardener if he was ‘going to the village’. The other was a Londoner who moved into the area and nice enough bloke that he was, I always felt he was trying for country roots he did not possess. You say you thought of the idea. To me, this is on a par with the towny who moves into a village and then objects to the country noises, smells and habits. The only other name known to me for Bohemia was (if I can spell it), Bohemee [Bohemy?]. Never the village – that was strictly for Ore and I believe, Hollington. Vic Chalcraft,  Aldborough Road. What do you think? Do you agree with Vic? Is Bohemia a village? Could it become a village? Would you like it to be? Should this newsletter be called simply ‘Bohemia Voice’? Ed. 

Terry Adams writes (Nov 2006). Dear Sir, I refer to Vic Chalcraft’s letter in the your newsletter, [issue 40, of 21st Oct] in which he objected to the use of the word ‘Village’ in the title of your publication and in your address. I’ve lived here for 38 years and my wife for 58 years, and we can say, with some authority, that this area has always been referred to as a ‘village’. Terry Adams, Hassan Pet Supplies.

Vic Chalcraft writes (Dec 2006). Dear Sir,  I have spoken to many old inhabitants of this area and we are at a loss over this Bohemia Village and have never come across it. So, I would like to know where Terry Adams’ authority on this subject comes from. All the people I ask, have been here longer than him and it’s definitely not the ‘village’. Vic Chalcraft, Aldborough Road.

Vic Chalcraft writes (Feb 2007) Dear Sir, Firstly let’s stop all this village nonsense once and for all. According to Radio Sussex on the 15th December 2006, after a listener’s question, a village must be controlled by a parish council, which Bohemia has never been, to my knowledge. And as it is covered by at least two parishes, it cannot be. Vic Chalcraft, Aldborough Road.

Ann Adams writes (Feb 2007) Dear Sir, With reference to the ongoing debate over Bohemia’s village status, when I was a young girl my grandfather used to say to me, ‘Town or village?’ Then he’d toss a coin, and if it came up ‘town’ then we’d go down to the town, but if it came up ‘village’ then we’d go to Bohemia village and he’d buy me some sweets. Obviously, I always hoped it would come up ‘village’. Ann Adams, Hassan Pet Supplies.

Vic Chalcraft writes (April 2007). Dear Sir, Making a further point on this use of ‘village’ for Bohemia. As I’ve said all along, it’s a myth created by one man. Bohemia was named after the house and farm, and there is no record of it as a village. But a name that I referred to in earlier correspondence is mentioned in records of the late 1700s, and that is ‘Bohemey’, and it was known as such then. Vic Chalcraft, Aldborough Road.

Keith Sellens writes (April 2007). Dear Sir, With reference to the continuing debate about Bohemia’s status – village or otherwise – in 1876, according to the deeds of 93–7 Bohemia Road (formerly 61/2 Bohemia Place) the property was bought by one William Barden, carpenter, of Hope Cottage, Bohemia near Hastings. Clearly, Bohemia was not yet a part of greater Hastings, and St Leonards is not even mentioned, in spite of being a pretty substantial conurbation by this time. Keith Sellens, Bohemia Road.




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