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Open for Xmas?

Will Bohemia get its new supermarket  by Christmas. Bohemia Food-market owner, Masood Iqbal is forecasting mid-December as the opening date for his new store located at the site of Lullabuys pram shop in Bohemia Road. “The flooring is nearly finished, and then we have to put in a suspended ceiling, an alarm system, closed-circuit TV, shelving and refrigeration. The electrical work will take some time.” How many staff will he be employing? “I intend to start with two people in the morning and two in the evening, plus my wife and I will be popping in.”
  What’s the latest news regarding the application for a post office counter? “I’ve been told by the Post Office that I can buy an existing post office. But I wouldn’t be allowed to move it to Bohemia. I’ve written to Tonbridge Wells, where training for sub-postmasters takes place, asking to be allowed to open a post office counter and I’m still waiting for a reply. The Post Office is closing offices all over the country, so it doesn’t look good. But I’m trying my best.”
“ Last week, Mr Iqbal was granted an off-licence for the sale of alcohol at the store from 8am to 10pm, Mondays to Saturdays and 10am to 10pm on Sundays. Residents and the police had expressed concern about sales to street drinkers. Will he be selling cheap booze? “I don’t sell cheap booze – all the alcohol I sell is at the full recommended price,” said Mr Iqbal.

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