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Unnamed lost property has been causing the school ‘a huge problem’: in just six weeks last term, ten black sacks were accumulated. “We do not have storage for the amount of clothing left behind.” If attempts to trace the owners fail, unclaimed clothes will be given to charity. Parents have been urged to mark all clothes, if necessary with black permanent markers.
Is it true the new logo for the Bohemia Area Association is to be  a drawing of a sheep saying ‘Baa’?
Councillor Godfrey Daniels is getting John Humphries confused with John Humphries. Bohemia Village Voice editor was intrigued to be invited for coffee by Cllr Daniels last week. It quickly transpired that it was ex-Labour councillor John D Humphries, not your humble editor who was being offered the chance to enjoy Godfrey’s company.  
Local residents are reminded that the November meeting of the Bohemia Area Association will be an open meeting. All local people, whether traders or residents are invited to attend the occasion which takes place on Thursday 2nd November at 6:30pm at the YMCA in St Paul’s Road.
The BAA has announced its intention to modify its constitution ‘at the next opportunity’ to allow Cloudesley Road residents to join the association. At present, the area covered by the Bohemia Area Association does not include this thoroughfare. Unrestrained joy and spontaneous street dancing to celebrate this inclusion into the bosom of Bohemia is confidently anticipated.
Did you know that you can provide a lasting and useful memorial to a relative or friend by sponsoring a bench or tree at Horntye Park? Pine, three-seater benches cost £185, and trees £145. Rowan, aspen, crab apple, willow and silver birch are all avaiable and each comes with a memorial plaque. Horntye Park: 716666.

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