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Why is gate kept closed?

“Why is the gate (at Horntye Road) to Horntye Park kept closed?” asks a local lady resident. Bohemia Village Voice addressed her query to John Ball at the sports centre.
  “It used to be kept open for parents to come in via Horntye Park to drop off their kids for St Pauls School. It became a total nightmare – a melee of all the parents driving at speed all the way round the cricket pitch, creating a block at the Sports Centre, dropping the children and going off again. So, early morning and mid-afternoon, wed have a total melee up here, until some child got knocked, by a car. And then we realised it went down on our insurance, not their insurance. So I had to put an end to it. And thats why the gate has remained locked after that. But the gates are open for functions.”  
  What about people who live in Horntye Road say, and who want to pop into Horntye Park to use the facilities or just have a drink at the bar in the evenings? “Just give the duty manager a ring and hell open the gate.”
  So if you live in Horntye Road and fancy a gin and tonic at the sports centre bar, just phone up for an appointment!
“ Horntye Park 01424 71666

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