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North Road – 1974

This listing was published in the 1974 edition of Kelly’s Directory of Hastings with St Leonards and Battle. The abbreviations are probably as follows:  decrtr = decorator; Geo. = George; Rt = Robert.
  North Road runs from 44, Bohemia Road to 287, London Road.

1. Speare, Florence.
2. Burge, I. A.
2. Burge, S.
2. Thorpe, L. M.
3. Cobey, Geo. C.
4. Anderson, C. F. decrtr.
5. Cosens, Doris F.
6. Stewart, Miss M. E.
7. Prince, J. V.
8. Boyle, Rt W

10. Everist, B. D.
11. Layen, Norman D.
12. Relfe, Kenneth.
13. Joy, Brian E.

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