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Alleyway dumping causes distress

Rubbish seen in North Star alleyway on Monday.

Rubbish seen in North Star alleyway on Monday.

An act of thoughtlessness caused some tears and considerable distress to at least one Upper South Road lady this week. Early on Monday, ‘Janet’ discovered that ‘about 20’ black bin liners of household rubbish had been dumped in the alleyway connecting Upper South Road and Newgate Road.  Several had split open revealing videos, baby food, containers, make up, shoes, boots and women’s underwear.  At about 8:00am she reported the incident to the Council, who promised to forward details to the dustmen, who were due to make a collection that day. “We had just got rid of the drugs problem,” said Janet, “Now we are starting to get all the rubbish.”
  Later that morning, when the Bohemia Village Voice spoke to her, she was full of praise for the dustmen who had cleared most of the bags. “They’ve taken some of the correspondence and they believe the bags were thrown over the wall from a property in Clarence Road. The dustmen were reported to have said that because the bags had split open, they were probably thrown over the adjoining wall – the one which separates the passageway from the gardens of properties in Clarence Road.” Correspondence addressed to No. 11, Clarence Road was apparently found in the rubbish bags.
It appears that the passageway is not maintained by the Council, and ownership of it seems to be uncertain. Two local residents, a woman in Upper South Road and a man in Newgate Road have taken upon themselves the responsibility of keeping it clean and clear of weeds, even paying for ‘Weedol’ and a strimmer out of their own funds.  “We have been trying to get the Council to adopt the alleyway for 26 years. But they just say ‘it doesn’t belong to us’.”
  About half way along the passage is a well-made, sturdy-looking iron gate, which shuts off a branch of the alleyway running towards Bohemia Road. “We fought hard for that, because of the drug problem, down at the bottom of the path. The BAA [Bohemia Area Association] got the gate put on. Even with the gate, it’s not easy getting the residents to keep it locked.” The latest incident is a shame as some residents are clearly trying to make the passageway a pleasant place in which to walk: fuschia, vines, clematis are all encouraged to grow over the walls.
  In April, Hastings Borough Council issued a leaflet explaining how placing rubbish out early could cost you £50. Residents were advised that they are responsible for their waste until it is collected, and that it must be adequately contained, and must be kept within the property until 7am on the morning of collection. So, 1. Keep your refuse within the boundary of your property. 2. Do not place your waste out early. 3. If your refuse sack becomes split before collection, it remains your waste.
“ Hastings Borough Council refuse & recycling: 0845 274 1076. Litter and fly tipping: 0800 085 4500.

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