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Voice in print – now in shops

A printed version of the Bohemia Village Voice  is now available. A number of businesses have agreed to stock the free printed copies for distribution to the general public. The four page copies are printed in black and white. Shops which are now stocking the Voice include:
“ H A P Munday & Son, Newsagents at 54, Bohemia Road. 01424 437233.
“ Woods Newsagents, 86-88, Bohemia Road. 01424 443340.
“ Empress Art, 3/4, Tower Road. 01424 442000.
“ Bookman’s Halt, 127, Bohemia Road. 01424 421413.
“ Horntye Park Sports Complex, Bohemia Road. 01424 716666.
Please remember that you can receive a colour version for free, by e-mail. Just send your e-mail address to

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