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Val Torrington

Val Torrington

Val Torrington

Kings of Scotland join Voice

We are very pleased to announce that all the Kings of Scotland have agreed to join Bohemia Village Voice’s editorial team, thus doubling the staff numbers.

Val Torrington is a  self-confessed ‘pedant’. He has kindly agreed to be our new proof-reader. A self-confessed pedant, and therefore ideal for the job, he positively bristles with degrees, six at the last count*, picked up from around the world, and we are honoured and delighted to have secured his services.

The Kings of Scotland? Dr Valentine Torrington, or Val, as he prefers to be called, was given seven middle names: Michael Robert Seamus (Gaelic for James) Charles Henry Victor Francis, being the seven Kings of Scotland. He lives in Devon and is an ardent thimble collector – he has thousands of the things, including, he says, complete collections of Wedgwood and Caverswall Christmas edtions, several solid gold items, numerous sterling silver items, and some brass ones dating back to 1300. Welcome on board, Val.
*For the curious, Val’s degrees are: F.I.A.A. – Fellow of the Institute of Australian Accountants. M.B.A. – Master of Business Administration (Accountancy). B.Sc. – Bachelor of Science (Historic Preservation). Ph.D. – Doctor of Philosophy (History). F.A.N.D.A. – Fellow of the Australian National Dance Association. F.B.D.A. – Fellow of the British Dancing Association.

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