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The BAA held its annual general meeting on Thursday 25 May at the YMCA in St Paul’s Road. No fewer than two John Humphries were elected to the committee: one from St Peter’s Road (the editor of this newsletter) and the other John Humphries from Lower South Road, who also agreed to serve as publicity officer for the committee. The original officers were re-elected unopposed, as were committee members Rosemary Iddenden, Eileen Fermour, Iris Schofield, Charles Levett, Keith Woods and Vic Chalcraft.  Four additional committee members were elected, namely Steve Mann, Phil Giles, and the two John Humphries. Additionally, councillors Daniel Poulter and Vivienne Bond, plus Michael Ward of Upper Park Road Methodist Church and the management team of the YMCA (Chris and  Dennis) were nominated as ex-officio committee members. If you want to visit the BAA website, please go to:

And if you want to join, the membership fee is only £1 per year, which should be taken or sent to Mundays Newsagents at 54, Bohemia Road.

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