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John D Robinson – ‘Converses With Clouds’

Converses With Clouds



A book of poems by John D Robinson

Converses With Clouds is John’s ninth book of poems and will be published by Holy&intoxicated Publications on 28th November 2014. John says “The book is dedicated in memory to the local poet and publisher Josephine Austin who very sadly passed away in April 2014”.  The poem Sunday Morning, remembering Josephine and included in the book, is printed below.

Sunday Morning

We spoke of you and our eyes leaked, we remembered you and we smiled and hugged, our eyes moist and we embraced on a Sunday morning.

We knew words, but they remained quiet, reflective and huddled against the back-drop of more than thirty years of friendship.

We whispered pictures of you and familiar with the love-magic that you wove into every word you wrote,

We recognised the tender silence, the beautiful pause that fell between us on this Sunday morning and we shook hands and knew the world had been changed forever.

Other works 

John’s collections of poetry include “Time Signatures”, “Sky-Fall Blossom”, “Glass Orchards and A Wine Drunk Buddha High On A Quiet Breath Of Colour”, “The Turbulent Gospels”, “New Poems That Small Birds Will Fall In Love With”, “Love & Flowers In The Memory Of Absconded Guitars” and “The Unfolding Of A Reclusive Silence” (Selected Poems 1991 – 2012), “For You Know Who; Love Poems For Carmelina”  (With Paintings by the Author). John has also published a novel “External Things” available via Amazon Kindle, and a book of short stories “Mr Buswell’s Reflection and Other Stories”.

Converses With Clouds

Title: Converses With Clouds. Author: John D Robinson. Available from Holy&intoxicated Publications. 12 King Edward Close, Hastings, East Sussex, TN34 2NP. UK, price £10.00. Published 28 November 2014. ISBN 978-0-9553678-8-5

John D Robinson (2011)

John D Robinson (2011)

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