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We are much obliged to Dominic Templeton who dropped into our office in February 2014 and kindly donated the following photographs of Bohemia and St Leonards. Click on any photograph to enlarge.

1. ST PAUL’S ROAD Marked ‘St Paul’s Road. St Leonards on Sea. M. Templeman. c. pre-1914‘ Shows one figure dressed in black.

2. ST PAUL’S ROAD Marked ‘St Paul’s Road, St Leonards. February 1989‘.

3. HORNTYE ROAD St Leonards. Marked as ‘c. pre-1914‘.

4. SALISBURY ROAD St Leonards on Sea. Marked ‘c. pre-1914‘.

5. LONDON ROAD St Leonards. Marked ‘Looking towards the seafront, showing the two churches: London Road Congegational; Christ Church. 1964‘.

6. KINGS ROAD Marked ‘State visit of Mayor of London. King’s Road, St Leonards. 28 Nov 1908‘.

7. SEAFRONT St Leonards. Marked ‘Looking inland, from the seafront to St Leonards. 1872‘.

Horntye Road, pre-1914

Horntye Road, pre-1914

King's Road, 1908. Visit by Lord Mayor of London

King’s Road, 1908. Visit by Lord Mayor of London

London Road, 1964

London Road, 1964

Salisbury Road, pre-1914

Salisbury Road, pre-1914

St Leonards seafront, 1872

St Leonards seafront, 1872

St Paul's Road, 1989

St Paul’s Road, 1989

St Paul's Road Pre-1914

St Paul’s Road Pre-1914


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