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Ron Beauchamp – amateur film maker (1930 -2001)


Ron Beauchamp

Ron Beauchamp

RON BEAUCHAMP (1930 – 2001)

Ron lived most of his life in Leytonstone, East London and made some visits to Hastings on holiday. He moved to Church Road, Bohemia, St Leonards around 1998 and took an active part in local art groups. He died in February 2001. He left a number of 8mm films, some of Hastings and various other places and subjects.

Ron wrote at the beginning of an album of photographs of his paintings:

‘My innermost feelings and emotions are symbolically expressed with very strong pictorial force and visual impact and this sublimated form of imagery attempts to convey the frustrations, inner tensions, stress, anger, abuse, poverty, false materialistic values, greed, temptation and disillusionments of modern day life, in order to create a subjective response by the viewer. This subjective preference within my psychological make up is the way I am translating the visual impressions of the external world, as an emotionally expressive vehicle for the interior world of symbolic imagery, through the dynamics of visual form, and design in colour.’






This film consists of 23 short clips of individuals, families and groups enjoying an innocent day at the seaside; eating, relaxing, reading, swimming. There are plenty of views of the Harbour Arm and the nearby beach, the East Hill Lift and cliffs. A home-made film dated September 1974. Length: 13 mins 40 seconds.

Scenes are: 1.Hastings Old Town – boats on the beach. 2. People strolling along the beach. 3. A group of two women with children. 4. Five young boys larking about. 5. A young couple strolling. 6. Young girl sitting on a rock. 7. A girl with a camera. 8. Two lads. 9. A family by a boat. 10. A woman eating. 11. A couple on the beach with their boy and black dog. 12. A mum with two children. 13. The harbour wall with fishermen. 14. A group of boys and girls throwing stones from the harbour wall. 15. The East Hill Lift at Rock-a-Nore, with boats. 16. The harbour wall; a girl reading; fishermen. 17. A family on the beach with young son and daughter. 18. Two boys in a rowing boat. 19. A mother and two children; girl swimming. 20. Couple with a boy on the beach. 21. A woman in black costume swimming. 22. Various shots of people on the beach. 23. Four men launch a boat with an outboard motor.

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