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Bohemia Walled Garden – Panoramic View

A panoramic view of the Bohemia Walled Garden in Summerfields Wood, filmed Saturday 14 September 2013.



And two views of the outside wall. Look closely and you’ll see Bob Hart, of the Bohemia Walled Garden Association. Look closer and you might see the entrance door to the garden. Filmed 14 Sept 2013.



  1. Hi Tony. For information, two of the videos from John are of the outside of the Bohemia Walled Garden that is in the Summerfields Wood Local Nature Reserve and is allowed to grow wild for that purpose. The video of inside of the garden shows the growing crops including two places that are used by local primary schools where young children have an opportunity to get out of the classroom and experience nature and horticulture first hand. As well as a walled garden in Summerfields Wood there is a Victorian Roman Bath that was originally part of the Bohemia House estate that was the home of the Brisco family for much of the 19th C . The BWGA is working to renovate the section of damaged wall at the garden in order to preserve the Victorian relic for future generations. Bob

  2. Thank you very much indeed John Humphries for these pictures, what a lovely old wall, however Tony why do we need to tidy up nature with chemicals? It simply looks like a traditional old English walled country garden, which is very rare in 2013.

  3. Hey !
    The wall was interesting, however the garden needs a good tidying up. Looks a bit of a mess ?

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