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Bohemia Alleyway Clear Up

Bohemia Area Residents and Traders Association (BARTA) organised an ‘Alleyway Clear Up’ on Saturday 14 September 2013. It was set up as part the local Community Clear-up Project, in which the local resident’s association clears the litter from as many Bohemia alleyways as possible in 2 hours.

A keen and dedicated group met promptly at 10amĀ at the top of North Road, Bohemia. The volunteers were provided with pick-up tongs and tough gardening gloves. BARTA committee members were out in force: Peter & Jeanette Holland, Andy Holmes, Mike Cramp, Ann Mann and others. Andy said “Each time we do a clear up, we find the task gets easier as people seem to be taking more trouble not to leave litter”. The truth of this is reflected in the pictures below, taken a couple of days BEFORE the clear up (pictures taken 10 Sep 2013).

Well done BARTA for making a difference in Bohemia, and a big thank you to all the volunteers.

Tollage Path

Tollage Path from Tower Road

Tollgate Path Tower Road

Tollgate Path looking towards Tower Road

George Monger Passage

George Monger Passage from Newgate Road

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