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Silverhill – old photographs

Our thanks to Bohemia resident Mel Fisher for these three old photographs of Silverhill.

Mel writes: “I remember Apps being in Silverhill, & The Roxy Cinema was where the carpet shop is now.

I went there as a little girl to see Tommy Steele in Little White Bull.”

?? Can anyone help with dates for these pictures?

Silverhill - Roxy Cinema & trolleybuses

Silverhill – Roxy Cinema & trolleybuses

Silverhill - D Apps Store

Silverhill – D Apps Store

Silverhill - trolleybus

Silverhill – trolleybus


  1. 99% sure that this was winter 1948. The last Guy single-deck trolleybuses were withdrawn that year and the new, 1946 and 1947, Sunbeam double-deckers are in the second picture (Roxy cinema). I worked at the Roxy as a trainee projectionist for about 6-weeks in 1957 – joined the RADC instead!

  2. Hi
    When I was about 8 or 9 we used to go to the “Silverhill Picture House” on a Saturday afternoon, cost was about two or three pennies.
    Those were the Days ? Now I’m 88 .!!


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