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James Wyatt – Rock Variations

Review written by Thad Skews (BohemiaVillage Voice Arts Correspondent), July 2013.

James Wyatt

James Wyatt

Album review: Rock Variations. Artist: James Andrew Wyatt of St Leonards.

The album title suggests this is a homage to the rock genre, but is it a work of original artistry or a technical exercise of rock song construction?

Opening track, “Purple Battle”, is School of Rock-esque with very tight and clean production. A swashbuckling compositional cut and paste amalgam of Deep Purple lyrics and format, with poetic and musical interjections by Mr Wyatt. The musicianship and recording quality is professional. I cannot gauge if it is live studio recordings or high-end plug-in synthisis, but the near perfect sound quality hints at a digital process.

First track over, the other songs follow the same formula: one defined and obviously referenced famous rock band having their hits’ ingredients cherry picked, rearranged with a few Mr Wyatt original sonic poetics mixed in, and performed with surgical precision. Here follows a few sample lyrics (Mr Wyatt has copyrighted them so do not think of reproducing them yourself):

“…I don’t want to miss a thing, you are under my skin with sweet perfection…” (Song title: Aerosmith Love Blues)

“…Light my fire, touch me, I think I love you like a pearl…” (Typical Doors Girl)

“…Six strings of power, a musical note shower, does he do an encore? Mostly, when he is happy far more…” (Just Like Ritchie)

This album is a young rock composer’s “guide to top rock group song crafting”, side stepping the emotions, dynamics and imperfections, exposing rock composition in a stark naked, elemental form. I wonder what is next for this local technically gifted musician. Mr Wyatt, where do we go now, sweet child?

Thadosophic note: A human is made of elements that have history beyond our comprehension. To analyse craft techniques that have gone before can help us understand in part the beauty of existence. True beauty of human existence is at it’s purest when we are “lost”, or indeed unified, in the flow of our own passions. A sentient being in harmony with its environment. We can explore fearlessly and with deep compassion; we can discover the hidden treasures of our own individual, original, beautiful life.

James Wyatt: PO Box 280, St Leonards, Sussex, TN38 1HR.



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  1. Dear Bohemia Village Voice,

    I’m trying to contact former School friends at Hayes Secondary, Bromley(1979-1983), Michelle Bartholomew, Daren Bacon, Peter Roach, Venessa Lynn, Band friends from the 1980’s(The Nomads-Roy/Rob & Neil, The Blues Brothers-Matt Bone, Chris Bristow & Ken & Jim Dulwich College, Highway Stars-Peppermint Place Recording Studios, Stratoppedler, Pagan Altar & Gun Fleet-Great Oaks Hall Rehearsals/World’s End Lane Farm Rehearsals) and Cornerstone Christian Centre Worship Band-Phil Allen, Richard Shrimpton, Erica Laycock, Andy & Joy Cousins.

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