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Six Hastings Postcards

Carlisle Parade (1910?)

1. Carlisle Parade (1910?)

Mr Brian Bergman-Field of De Cham Road, St Leonards kindly supplied copies of the following postcards.

1. Carlisle Parade & Pier, Hastings. This view also includes the west pier. Reverse of postcard is blank.

2. Hastings Castle.

3. Reverse of 2. Postcard is date stamped 3 Dec 1914. Handwritten reverse shown.

4. The Parade, Hastings.

5. Reverse of 4. Postcard is franked 5 July 1911. Handwritten reverse is shown.

6. Rough Sea, St Leonards.

7. Reverse of 6. Postcard is franked 25 Feb 1909. Handwritten reverse shown.

8. Castle Hill.

9. Reverse of 8. Postcard is franked 2 Dec 1914.

10. The Beach, Hastings, probably about 1910. Reverse is blank.

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